Full Stack Toronto 2018

November 29 & 30, 2018, Leadership Summit Nov. 28

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The Full Stack Toronto Experience

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

#fstoco is organized by a diverse group of individuals, and seeks to have a diverse line-up of speakers. We make sure that our event is a safe space for learning including gender non-binary washrooms and an enforced code of conduct. We also take great pride in attracting attendees from all around the world. Toronto is diverse and so should it’s leading tech event!

Curated Content
Curated Content

Our planning process starts with great quality content, we carefully select topics that you can go right back to work and start integrating into your existing stack. Those topics are laid out in the schedule so you get exposed to more than just your specialization and stack, then find amazing speakers to talk in those spots. This is a lot different than the traditional CFP process.


We design our networking around breaking down barriers. We offer you a space on your name tag to put your passion so someone else can make that first intro, we’ve put games, lego, and other icebreakers around the venue so you can come together over a common task to feel less interrogated and a mix of designers and developers at the event spurs amazing conversations!

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TELUS Digital

4 huge screens

clear audio system

Located directly at Union station!


from around the world


of pure learning


across all of tech


by typically underreresented demos


Leadership Summit

Add an extra day before Full Stack Toronto to attend our leadership summit for tech leads, team leads, managers, cto's and those who want to become one! **This does NOT include admission to the two day conference** Before 13 November 2018 23:59 or 100 tickets

99 CAD

Conference Ticket

Before 13 November 2018 23:59 or 150 tickets

399 CAD

You can attend both our Bifrost Leadership Summit, and/or the Full Stack Toronto conference. Tickets include coffee breaks and lunch. Accommodation is NOT included in the ticket price. We do not provide visas


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